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Today we received an email from an unknown user that contained a video that appears to show Eric Prydz DJing inside a giant visual structure.

As you can see, the video shows someone performing on stage while surrounded by massive walls of visuals, a spectacle quite unlike anything we’ve seen in an electronic music performance before.

From the music and video it looks like it could be a promo for Eric Prydz’ new show, the Eric Prydz In Concert show (EPIC). The video ends with the message, “For Promotional Purposes Only”, however we cannot find it anywhere else online.

The worldwide premiere of the Swedish DJ’s EPIC show is on Saturday April 2nd at London’s O2 Academy Brixton, and on Ticketmaster  it says, “‘EPIC’ will feature a unique 30 metre structure that extends from the stage out into the crowd. It will also see one of the first uses of holograms in a live music show environment, in addition to 3D animation and film that is mapped onto the set’s moving and static structures.” The visual set up in the video definitely fits with this statement.
We have tried to contact Eric Prydz’ management to find out what this video is, but have not received a response. So we have decided to share this video with the Wastechester community.

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